Slow Cooker

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Elba 1.5L Slow Cooker ESCD1539WH


Product Details Of Elba 1.5L Slow Cooker ESCD1539WH1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 1.5LPower : 120W..

Elba 3.0L Slow Cooker ESCD3039WH


Product Details Of Elba 3.0L Slow Cooker ESCD3039WH1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 3.0LPower : 200W..

Elba 3.5L Slow Cooker ESCOD3539WH


Product Details Of Elba 3.5L Slow Cooker ESCOD3539WH1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 3.5LPower : 200WOval Shape Elegant Design..

Elba 5.0L Slow Cooker Claypot EPCCE5032BR


Product Details Of Elba 5.0L Slow Cooker Claypot EPCCE5032BR1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 5.0 LPower : 280WHigh, Low and Auto SettingsPurple Clay Stoneware Inner Pot and Lid..

Elba 5.0L Slow Cooker ESCD5039WH


Product Details Of Elba 5.0L Slow Cooker ESCD5039WH1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 5.0LPower : 320W..

Elba 6.5L Slow Cooker ESCOD6539WH


Product Details Of Elba 6.5L Slow Cooker ESCOD6539WH1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 6.5LPower : 320WOval Shape Elegant Design..

Elba Double Boiler ESPE4050CWH


Product Details Of Elba Double Boiler ESPE4050CWH1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 2.0L x 1 & 0.5L x 2Power : 500W9 Preset Cooking FunctionsGlass Lid..

Khind 1.2L Baby Porridge Cooker BP12


Product Details Of Khind 1.2L Baby Porridge Cooker BP121 Year Warranty1.2LHigh Quality of Ceramic Pot & Glass Lid9 Hours Preset FunctionMicro Computer ControlAuto Keep Warm..

Khind 1.8L Double Boiler DB181


Product Details Of Khind 1.8L Double Boiler DB1811 Year WarrantyFully automated with Pre Set MenusHigh Quality Food Grade Ceramic PotsFuzzy Logic ControlledAccurate Cooking TimeBoil Dry protectio..

Khind 6.8L Soup Cooker SC680C


Product Details Of Khind 6.8L Soup Cooker SC680C1 Year WarrantyCapacity : 6.8LStew all types of soupsStew whole chickenSpecial double stew functionPreset and timer..

Khind Double Boiler DB18S


Product Details Of Khind Double Boiler DB18S1 Year WarrantyCapacity : 1.8L x 1 & 0.45L x 3Cooks Healthy Food FasterCooks a wide variety of foodMulti Pre-Set MenusDelay-Start Time..

Khind Double Boiler DB601


Product Details Of Khind Double Boiler DB6011 Year WarrantyBig ceramic pot : 3.2L x 1Mid ceramic pot : 0.65L x 2Small ceramic pot : 0.45L x 1The BEST COOKING METHOD, that retains Original Taste, retai..

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