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Beko 20L Microwave Oven MOC20100S


Product Details Of Beko 20L Microwave Oven MOC20100S2 Year Warranty700W Microwave PowerCapacity 20LMechanical5 Power Levels..

Midea 20L Microwave Oven MM720CXM

RM209.00 RM249.00

Product Details Of Midea 20L Microwave Oven MM720CXM1 Year Warranty800W Microwave PowerCapacity 20LGlass turntable diameter: 9.6 inch/255mm..

Midea 25L Microwave Oven EM825AGS

RM279.00 RM299.00

Product Details Of Midea 25L Microwave Oven EM825AGS1 Year Warranty800W Microwave PowerCapacity 25LDefrost setting by time weightSafe Child Lock Features..

Panasonic 20L Microwave NNST25JBMPQ


Product Details Of Panasonic 20L Microwave NNST25JBMPQ1 Year Warranty20Litres800W Cooking Power9 Auto Cooking MenusQuick 30 FunctionModel NoNN-ST25JBMPQ / NN-ST25JSPECIFICATIONSOven Capacity20LMi..

Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGD37HB


Product Details Of Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGD37HB1 Year WarrantyCapacity 23L Compact Combination OvenDual Cooking1000W Quick 30 FunctionEco & Bright LampInverter Technology1000 W Inve..

Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGT35HB

RM439.00 RM449.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGT35HB1 Year Warranty800W Cooking PowerDual Cooking12 Auto MenusQuick 30 FunctionAdd TimeDual CookingThe microwave power cooks food quickly..

Panasonic 25L Microwave NNST34HBMPQ


Product Details Of Panasonic 25L Microwave NNST34HBMPQ1 Year Warranty25L Solo Microwave Oven800W Cooking Power9 Auto MenusQuick 30 FunctionAdd Time9 Auto Cooking MenusAuto Cooking technology lets..

Panasonic 27L Microwave With Grill NNGF574M


Product Details Of Panasonic 27L Microwave With Grill NNGF574M1 Year WarrantyCapacity 27L Grill Microwve OvenFlat & Wide CavicitySimulateneous Combination Cooking23 Auto Cook MenusPrecise Power Co..

Panasonic 32L Microwave NNST65JBMPQ


Product Details Of Panasonic 32L Microwave NNST65JBMPQ1 Year Warranty32 LitresCompact Combination Oven1000W Quick 30 FunctionEco & BrightInverter Technology1000 W Quick 30 FunctionThis functi..

Samsung 23L Microwave With Grill MG23K3513GK

RM389.00 RM469.00

Product Details Of Samsung 23L Microwave With Grill MG23K3513GK1 Year Warranty23L CapacityQuick DefrostSmart Moisture SensorCeramic Enamel CavityHealthy Steam with Pure SteamerHealthy SteamWith t..

Samsung 28L Microwave MS28J5255GB

RM429.00 RM459.00

Product Details Of Samsung 28L Microwave MS28J5255GB1 Year Warranty28L CapacityHealthy CookingPlate WarmingHealthy Steam with Pure SteamerHealthy SteamWith the Healthy Steam function and Glass St..


Sharp 20L Microwave Oven R207EK

RM259.00 RM299.00

Product Details Of Sharp 20L Microwave Oven R207EK1 Year Warranty800W Microwave20 Litres Capacity255mm Turntable Size2 Auto Menus2 Auto Reheat Menus..

Sharp 20L Microwave Oven R213CST

RM259.00 RM289.00

Product Details Of Sharp 20L Microwave Oven R213CST1 Year Warranty800W Microwave20 Litres CapacityMechanical5 Power Level35 Mins Cooking Time..

Sharp 25L Microwave R357EK

RM349.00 RM399.00

Product Details Of Sharp 25L Microwave R357EK1 Year Warranty900W Microwave25 Litres Capacity315mm Turntable Size2 Auto Menus2 Auto Reheat MenusEnergy Saving ModeMirror Glass DoorMicrowave Cooking..

Sharp 25L Microwave With Grill R607EK

RM419.00 RM519.00

Product Details Of Sharp 25L Microwave With Grill R607EK1 Year Warranty900W Microwave25 Liters Capacity315mm Turntable Size3 Auto Cook MenusGrill & Combination Cooking2 Auto Weight Sensor..


Sharp 32L Convection Microwave R854AST


Product Details Of Sharp 32L Convection Microwave R854AST1 Year Warranty32L, 1000W & 1100W Infrared GrillConvection 2100W315mm Glass Turntable with Low & High Rack2 Multiple Sequences CookingT..


Sharp 42L Microwave R954AST

RM999.00 RM1,099.00

Product Details Of Sharp 42L Microwave R954AST1 Year Warranty42 LitresConvection 2800W,1000W & 1400W Infrared Grill95 Min Cooking Time, 10 Auto Cook MenusTact & Dial Control Panel with LED Dis..

Toshiba 21L Microwave MW2MM21PFBK


Product Details Of Toshiba 21L Microwave MW2MM21PFBK1 Year WarrantyMicrowave CookingBigger TurntableGrey Painted CavityDefrost By TimeSlip-proof Oven FeetReheatCookCooking Timer5 Power LevelsEasy..

Toshiba 24L Microwave With Grill MW2AG24PFBK


Product Details Of Toshiba 24L Microwave With Grill MW2AG24PFBK1 Year Warranty24 LitresMicrowave & Grill CookingBigger TurntableWeight & Time DefrostGrey Painted CavitySlip-Proof Oven Fee..

Toshiba 34L Microwave With Grill ERSGS34KMY


Product Details Of Toshiba 34L Microwave With Grill ERSGS34KMY1 Year Warranty34 LitresMicrowave & Grill Cooking9 Auto Cooking MenuWeight & Time Defrost11 Power LevelKitchen TimerChild Saf..

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