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Buffalo 0.6L Jar Rice Cooker KW86

RM328.00 RM398.00

Product Details Of Buffalo 0.6L Jar Rice Cooker KW861 Year Warranty0.6L CapacityThe Signature Stainless Steel InsertDistinct Cooking Functions to Meet Diverse TastesNew Computer PanelEasy to Clea..

Buffalo 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker KW85R

RM138.00 RM228.00

Product Details Of Buffalo 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker KW85R1 Year WarrantyCapacity: 1.0L..


Buffalo 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker Low Sugar KW87


Product Details Of Buffalo 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker Low Sugar KW871 Year Warranty1.0L Capacity..


Buffalo 1.8L Enco Rice Cooker KW71G


Product Details Of Buffalo 1.8L Enco Rice Cooker KW71G1 Year Warranty1.8L CapacityCurves Heating Plate Spherical Inner Pot3D Surround InsulationCan cook 1 cup up to 10 cups..

Buffalo 1.8L IH Smart Cooker KW79

RM988.00 RM1,300.00

Product Details Of Buffalo 1.8L IH Smart Cooker KW791 Year WarrantyCapacity : 1.8LPower Supply: 220v – 240vRated Power: 1300wQty of rice : 1-10cups1. The Signature Multiply Stainless Steel Insert..

Buffalo 5.0L Zisha Slow Cooker KWT04

RM498.00 RM648.00

Product Details Of Buffalo 5.0L Zisha Slow Cooker KWT041 Year WarrantyMade from natural purple clay under 1300˚c heat-treated.No additional chemical coatingNon-toxic & chemical reactionUnlead..

Buffalo 8.0L Pressure Cooker BL10

RM698.00 RM848.00

Product Details Of Buffalo 8.0L Pressure Cooker BL101 Year Warranty8.0L CapacitySafe and Comfortable..

Buffalo Heating Blender KWT03

RM1,299.00 RM1,499.00

Product Details Of Buffalo Heating Blender KWT031 Year WarrantyToros High-Speed Heating Blender Heat-up functionSharp BladeNutritious MealSuperior Design1400watt Motor 33000rpm High Speed&nb..

Buffalo Pro Chef Plus Air Fryer KW82

RM699.00 RM918.00

Product Details Of Buffalo Pro Chef Plus Air Fryer KW821 Year WarrantyAll in one Multifunction CookingAuto Rotating function 360″rolling heating technology..

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