Bowl Dryer

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Firenzzi 338L Bowl Dryer FD338


Product Details Of Firenzzi 338L Bowl Dryer FD3381 Year WarrantyPower: 1100W, 220-240V, 50Hz BS plug#410 stainless steel housingCapacity: 338 LitresSuitable: Family of 15 persons or restaurantsTi..

Firenzzi 60L Bowl Dryer UV FD288V


Product Details Of Firenzzi 60L Bowl Dryer UV FD288V1 Year WarrantyVolume : 60LHot air: Temperature 70+/-5Sterilizer: UV-C lamp with 253.7nmDetachable dish rackStainless steel 304 # rack included..

Firenzzi Dish Dryer FD268


Product Details Of Firenzzi Dish Dryer FD2681 Year WarrantyEasy clean and storageStainless steel 304# racking includedComes with LED lightTight close up cover to prevent cockroach or lizard from ..

Panasonic Bowl Dish Dryer FDS3AM1DD


Product Details Of Panasonic Bowl / Dish Dryer FDS3AM1DD1 Year WarrantyPower Consumption (W) 247WAnti BacteriaHygienic DryingSpacious..

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