Dish Washer

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Toshiba 11L Dish Washer DW14F1


Product Details Of Toshiba 11L Dish Washer DW14F12 Years Warranty70℃ HI-TEMP Hygiene CycleAnti Bacterial FilterSoil-Sensing Auto CycleFeaturePERSONALIZE YOUR UNCLEANED DISHWAREFeatureHIGH-STANDAR..

Toshiba 8L Dish Washer DW08T1


Product Details Of Toshiba 8L Dish Washer DW08T12 Years Warranty70°C Hot Water WashAnti Bacterial FilterCompact Body Easy InstallationFeatureHIGH STANDARD HYGIENE70℃ HI-TEMP Hygiene CycleEfficien..

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