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Hitachi 25m2 Air Purifier EPPZ30J


Product Details Of Hitachi 25m2 Air Purifier EPPZ30J1 Year Warranty13cm Deep Compact ModelAir Suction from six different directionsRecommended area 25m2Compact but Powerful Design13cm Deep Compac..

Hitachi 33m2 Air Purifier EPPZ50JWH


Product Details Of Hitachi 33m2 Air Purifier EPPZ50JWH1 Year WarrantyLow Noise OperationLow Noise OperationDuring Silent airflow operation, the noise level is less than 15dB, so it won't disturb ..

Sharp 21m2 Air Purifier KCF30LW


Product Details Of Sharp 21m2 Air Purifier KCF30LW1 Year WarrantySuitable Room Size: 21m²Humidifying Air Purifer with HEPA & Active Carbon FilterHaze ModeOff TimerKey Features:• Plasmacl..

Sharp 23m2 Air Purifier FPJ30LA


Product Details Of Sharp 23m2 Air Purifier FPJ30LA1 Year WarrantyCoverage area 23m2Remove mold, viruses, allergens, odors and static electricityHigh-density 7000Powerful air suction and unique ai..

Sharp 28m2 Air Purifier KCG40LW


Product Details Of Sharp 28m2 Air Purifier KCG40LW1 Year WarrantyCoverage area 28m²Removal of adhered mold in addition to suspend moldSpeedy deodorizing of adhering odorStrong performance of remo..

Sharp 38m2 Air Purifier KCG50LW


Product Details Of Sharp 38m2 Air Purifier KCG50LW1 Year WarrantyCoverage area 38m²Remove allergens from dust mite faces and dead dust mitesApprox 1.5 times faster suppressing the activity of air..

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