Water Purifier

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Joven Water Purifier JP200


Product Details Of Joven Water Purifier JP2001 Year WarrantyIn-Line Purifier Cartridge Design (PAT. PEND.)Dual Function Selector Valve (‘Filtered’ and ‘Unfiltered’)High Efficiency 3 Layer Non-Woven Fa..

Panasonic Water Purifier PJ37MRF


Product Details Of Panasonic Water Purifier PJ37MRF1 Year Warranty4.0l/min Filtering CapacityResidual Chlorine: 99.99%4 levels of PurificationCartridge Life Checker..

Panasonic Water Purifier TKCS200


Product Details Of Panasonic Water Purifier TKCS2001 Year Warranty12,000 L of clear water with one cartridgeSuper Wide Filter achieves high flow rate of 6 L/minHigh flow rate makes it suitable fo..

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