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Beko 20L Microwave Oven MOC20100S

RM208.00 RM229.00

Product Details Of Beko 20L Microwave Oven MOC20100S2 Year Warranty700W Microwave PowerCapacity 20LMechanical5 Power Levels..

Hitachi 20L Microwave HMRM2001

RM289.00 RM329.00

Product Details Of Hitachi 20L Microwave HMRM20011 Year WarrantyCapacity: 20LitreMechanical controlPower Output: 700W270mm TurntableDefrost FunctionCooking End Signal..

Hitachi 23L Microwave HMRD2311

RM399.00 RM429.00

Product Details Of Hitachi 23L Microwave HMRD23111 Year WarrantyCapacity 23L & Defrost FunctionPower Output: 800 W & Cooking End SignalDigital Control & Child Lock Safety6 Auto Menus & Silent Mode270mm TurntableElectronic ClockDefrost Function..

Midea 20L Microwave Oven MM720CXM

RM229.00 RM249.00

Product Details Of Midea 20L Microwave Oven MM720CXM1 Year Warranty800W Microwave PowerCapacity 20LGlass turntable diameter: 9.6 inch/255mm..

Midea 25L Microwave Oven EM825AGS

RM289.00 RM299.00

Product Details Of Midea 25L Microwave Oven EM825AGS1 Year Warranty800W Microwave PowerCapacity 25LDefrost setting by time weightSafe Child Lock Features..

Panasonic 20L Microwave NNST25JBMPQ

RM319.00 RM319.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 20L Microwave NNST25JBMPQ1 Year Warranty20 Litres 9 Auto Menu800W Cooking PowerQuick 30 Function9 Auto Cooking MenusAuto Cooking technology lets you cook foods by simply setting the weight. - Auto Defrost: Small Pieces, Big Pieces, Bread/Cake - Auto Reheat: Meal, Beverage (1 cup), Beverage (2 cup) - Auto ..

Panasonic 23L Microwave NNDF383B

RM939.00 RM1,095.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 23L Microwave NNDF383B1 Year Warranty23 Litres,Grill Microwave OvenOven Baking FunctionSimultaneous Combination Cooking(Grill Micro Power)Flat & Wide CavityDial & Touch ControlFluoric Coating Easy Cleaning ..

Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGD37HB

RM625.00 RM625.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGD37HB1 Year WarrantyCapacity 23L Compact Combination OvenDual Cooking1000W Quick 30 FunctionEco & Bright LampInverter Technology1000 W Inverter Microwave1000 W Quartz Grill..

Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGT35HM

RM449.00 RM449.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 23L Microwave With Grill NNGT35HM1 Year WarrantyCapacity 23L Grill Microwve Oven800W Cooking PowerDual Cooking12 Auto MenusQuick 30 FunctionAdd Time..

Panasonic 25L Microwave Oven NNST34HM

RM348.00 RM399.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 25L Microwave Oven NNST34HM1 Year Warranty800W Cooking Power25 L Solo Microwave Oven9 Auto MenusQuick 30 FunctionAdd Time..

Panasonic 27L Microwave With Grill NNGF574M

RM959.00 RM959.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 27L Microwave With Grill NNGF574M1 Year WarrantyCapacity 27L Grill Microwve OvenFlat & Wide CavicitySimulateneous Combination Cooking23 Auto Cook MenusPrecise Power ControlLED Oven Light..


Panasonic 32L Microwave NNCS894B


Product Details Of Panasonic 32L Microwave NNCS894B1 Year Warranty32 Litres Steam Combination OvenEconavi & InverterAdvanced New Electrostatic Touch Panel InterfaceMakes Food Healthy, Plump & JuicyPowerful, high-density steam enables speedy, professional steaming. This makes it easy to prepare delicious, healthy, oil-free dishes. Steam..

Panasonic 32L Microwave NNST65JBMPQ

RM755.00 RM755.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 32L Microwave NNST65JBMPQ1 Year Warranty32 LitresCompact Combination Oven1000W Quick 30 FunctionEco & BrightInverter Technology1000 W Quick 30 FunctionThis function enables you to quickly and simply cook for 30 seconds without the need for selecting additional settings. Each press of the button sets it for 30 s..

Panasonic 42L Microwave NNCD997

RM2,309.00 RM2,309.00

Product Details Of Panasonic 42L Microwave NNCD9971 Year WarrantyConvection Oven 42LQuick RoastingInverter Turbo DefrostFluorine Coated TurtableTwin "EZ" Dial System..

Samsung 23L Microwave With Grill MG23K3513GK

RM429.00 RM469.00

Product Details Of Samsung 23L Microwave With Grill MG23K3513GK1 Year Warranty23L CapacityQuick DefrostSmart Moisture SensorCeramic Enamel CavityHealthy Steam with Pure SteamerHealthy SteamWith the Healthy Steam function and Glass Steamer you can quickly and easily prepare nutritious and succulent steam cooked food. Simply choose the food and ..

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