Toshiba 480L 2 Door Fridge GRA48MBZRS

Toshiba 480L 2 Door Fridge GRA48MBZRS

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Product Details Of Toshiba 480L 2 Door Fridge GRA48MBZRS

  • 1 Year Warranty General Part
  • 5 Years Warranty Compressor
  • 480 Litres
  • Dual Cooling Zone
  • Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
  • Side Control Panel
  • Multi-purpose Utility Box

Dual Cooling Zone
Understanding your needs to have drinks chilled fast, Toshiba has created a special fast-cooling zone for drinks and also suitable for storing other items like meat and fish. Storage capacity: 6 bottles of 1.5L bottle, 21 bottles of 500ML bottle, 35 cans of 245ML can, 66 packets of 250ML packet.

Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
When cool air passes through the 2 Biocatalysts in the Hybrid Bio, odor molecules like sulfur, nitrogen and aldehyde produced from food are filtered and disintegrated. Silver (Ag), a natural agent found in Hybrid Bio also helps to restrain bacteria-growth.

Side Control Panel
It located at the front side of the refrigerator for greater convenience and control of temperature. Simply switch to Normal, ECO or Quick Freezing mode with just a simple press.

Multi-purpose Utility Box
Toshiba's new multi-purpose Utility Box is enclosed and separated from fresh food, your ideal space to store non-food items.

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