Toshiba 350L 2 Door Fridge GRA35MBZDS

Toshiba 350L 2 Door Fridge GRA35MBZDS

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Product Details Of Toshiba 350L 2 Door Fridge GRA35MBZDS

  • 1 Year Warranty General Part
  • 5 Years Warranty Compressor
  • 350 Litres
  • Dual Cooling Zone
  • Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
  • Flexible Door Pocket
  • Freezer Deodorizer

Dual Cooling Zone
Understanding your needs to have drinks chilled fast, Toshiba has created a special fast-cooling zone for drinks and also suitable for storing other items like meat and fish. Storage capacity: 5 bottles of 1.5L bottle, 19 bottles of 500ML bottle, 24 cans of 350ML can, 66 packets of 250ML packet.

Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
When cool air passes through the 2 Biocatalysts in the Hybrid Bio, odor molecules like sulfur, nitrogen and aldehyde produced from food are filtered and disintegrated. Silver (Ag), a natural agent found in Hybrid Bio also helps to restrain bacteria-growth.

Flexible Door Pockets
Door Pockets position are changeable for flexibility and convenience. You can change the position according to your needs.

Freezer Deodorizer
With Toshiba's new freezer deodorizer, your freezer compartment will be kept fresh with less odor from raw meat and fish.

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