Toshiba 252L 2 Door Fridge GRA28MSDS

Toshiba 252L 2 Door Fridge GRA28MSDS

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Product Details Of Toshiba 252L 2 Door Fridge GRA28MSDS

  • 1 Year Warranty General Part
  • 5 Years Warranty Compressor
  • 252 Litres
  • Ag+ Bio Deodorizer
  • Vegetable Room for Freshness
  • Storage Tray Cooling
  • Adjustable Door Pocket

Ag+ Bio Deodorizer
Ag+ Bio Deodorizer keep clean cool air by effectively dismantle unpleasant odor and restrain bacteria-growth inside the refrigerator. Thus keeping food fresh for longer period of time.

Vegetable Room for Freshness
Vegetable compartment (with storage space up to 12 liters) allows you to store and organize fruits and vegetables easily, quickly and conveniently.

Storage Tray Cooling
Multi purpose storage for small food container. Easy access to food stuff without cover.

Adjustable Door Pocket
By changing the position of the door pockets, it can flexibly store big and small items according to your needs.

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