Toshiba 14KG Top Loading AWDG1500WM

Toshiba 14KG Top Loading AWDG1500WM

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Product Details Of Toshiba 14KG Top Loading AWDG1500WM

  • 2 Years Warranty General Parts
  • 3 Years Warranty Control Panel
  • 13 Years Warranty Motor
  • 14.0 KG
  • Duo-Active Roller
  • S-DD Inverter
  • One Touch Button
  • Mega Power Pulsator

Duo-Active Roller
Duo-Active Roller enhances water flow to prevent clothes from tangling.

S-DD Inverter
The Next Generation of Direct Drive Motor is S-DD Inverter Motor 48 new magnet named Neodymium are used, which are more powerful and energy-saving than Ferrite magnet which is used for DD Inverter Motor. The features for S-DD are low noise & high accuracy, powerful & rapid rotation, less energy consumption, thin & light.

One Touch Button
One Touch Button system displaced on a newly designed panel makes laundry quick and easy with convenient washing options.

Mega Power Pulsator
Firmer Grip on clothes to move in 3-Dimensional direction during wash.

- Main
Net wash capacity (kg)14
Net Spin Capacity (kg)14
Weight (kg)53
Warranty2 years General Warranty, 3 years Control Panel Warranty, 13 years Motor Warranty
Water Consumption (Liters)190
- Dimension (mm)
- Power Supply
Voltage (V)230-240
Frequency (Hz)50
- Input Power (Watt)
- Water Level (Liters)
Low Level25
High Level100
- Revolution (rpm)
Wash70-150 (Variable)
- Washer
Duo-Active RollerYes
S-DD InverterYes
Mega Power WashYes
Mega Power PulsatorYes
Water Flow Power3 level (Gentle / Middle / Strong)
Star Crystal DrumYes
Hydro Twin Power WashYes
Transparent Glass LidYes
- Spin
Super Spin Dry30 / 60 / 90 min
- Safety & Functions
Pre-Set TimerYes
Resume FunctionYes
Zero Standby ElectricityYes
Lid Lock and Child ProofYes
Auto Tub DryYes
- Washing Courses - Standard
Heavy WashYes
- Washing Courses - Special
Tub CleanYes
Fragrance CourseYes

* Specification are subjected to change without prior notice.

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