Toshiba 12KG Top Loading AWDC1300WM

Toshiba 12KG Top Loading AWDC1300WM

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Product Details Of Toshiba 12KG Top Loading AWDC1300WM

  • 2 Years Warranty General Parts
  • 3 Years Warranty Control Panel
  • 13 Years Warranty Motor
  • 12.0 KG
  • S-DD Inverter
  • Star Crystal Drum
  • Mega Power Pulsator
  • Hydro Twin Power

S-DD Inverter
The Next Generation of Direct Drive Motor is S-DD Inverter Motor 48 new magnet named Neodymium are used, which are more powerful and energy-saving than Ferrite magnet which is used for DD Inverter Motor. The features for S-DD are low noise & high accuracy, powerful & rapid rotation, less energy consumption, thin & light.

Star Crystal Drum
Soft curve mounds gives cleaner yet gentler hand wash effect, thus preventing damage during wash & spin.

Mega Power Pulsator
Firmer Grip on clothes to move in 3-Dimensional direction during wash

Hydro Twin Power
Through a twin water injection system, fast and powerful water flow is generated. This allows hydro-charged water to penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric to clean out stubborn stains and dirt. With the lower twin water outlets, similar performance can be achieved even if wash load is small.

- Main
Net wash capacity (kg)12
Weight (kg)48
Warranty2 years General Warranty, 3 years Control Panel Warranty, 13 years Motor Warranty* (*Upon online registration)
- Dimension (mm)
- Power Supply
Voltage (V)230-240
Frequency (Hz)50
- Input Power (Watt)
- Water Level (Liters)
Low Level25
High Level100
- Revolution (rpm)
- Washer
S-DD InverterYes
Condensed Bubble WashYes
Hydro Twin Power WashYes
PulsatorMega Power
Stainless Steel TubStar Crystal Drum
Cassette Lint FilterYes
- Spin
Super Spin DryCircular Air Intake
- Safety & Functions
Pre-Set TimerYes
Resume FunctionYes
Zero Standby ElectricityYes
Lid Lock and Child ProofYes
- Washing Courses - Standard
Heavy WashYes
- Washing Courses - Special
Quick Shirt WashYes
Tub CleanYes
Fragrance CourseYes

* Specification are subjected to change without prior notice.

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