Panasonic 463L 2 Door Fridge NRBX468XS

Panasonic 463L 2 Door Fridge NRBX468XS

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Product Details Of Panasonic 463L 2 Door Fridge NRBX468XS

  • 1 Year Warranty General Part
  • 12 Years Warranty Compressor
  • 463 Litres
  • Premium Full-Flat Design
  • Prime Fresh Freezing
  • Econavi
  • Hygienic Storage

Premium Full-flat Design

Premium Full-flat Design

Enjoy the latest in refrigerator design. The simple, unitary door have no frames, bumps, or depressions to get in the way of the aesthetically pleasing design.
Also stylish control panel design adds a beautiful accent.

New Style of Refrigerator with Freezer at the Bottom

The freezer, where heavy items tend to accumulate, is located at the bottom, while the often-used fridge is on top. This new style of refrigerator makes it easier to see items, and easier to put them in and take them out.

Approx. -3°C Soft Freezing for Optimum Storage

Approx. -3°C Soft Freezing for Optimum Storage

While the typical refrigerator freezes food to approx. -18°C to -20 °C, Prime Fresh freezes it to approx. -3°C. Since food is very lightly frozen, it never gets hard. Items frozen in this way, even if they are raw, stay at their best, retaining nutrients as well as flavor and texture. There is no need to defrost partially frozen food before preparing it because it remains easy to cut and cook immediately. 

*You can select Prime Fresh freezing mode or Chilled mode.

Less Mixing of Odors with 3 Separate Cases

Less Mixing of Odors with 3 Separate Cases

The three separate cases let you store items separately to help prevent mixing of odors. And the cases are different heights, so you can store items by size.

Fresh safe Vegetable Case

The vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the optimum conditions with high humidity and constant temperature to keep them fresh and juicy for a longer period of time.

* Panasonic in-house data

Hygienic Storage with Anti-bacterial and Deodorizing Effects

Hygienic Storage with Anti-bacterial and Deodorizing Effects

Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, inactivating 99%* of mold and bacteria inside the refrigerator. This effect is semi-permanent so there's no need to replace it.
Also, an active enzyme effectively resolves unpleasant fish and vegetable odors. 

* Certified by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation Laboratories.
Test report number: No. 003557-1, 003557-2

ECONAVI Gets Results by Adjusting to Your Lifestyle

ECONAVI Gets Results by Adjusting to Your Lifestyle

The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors the level of lighting and temperature in the room, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, and the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.

More Advanced Cooling with Intelligent Inverter Control

More Advanced Cooling with Intelligent Inverter Control

A refrigerator is always on, so it uses more electricity than any other household appliance.
But there’s no need to worry with a smart inverter refrigerator. It varies power to suit the situation – more power during the day when it’s often opened and closed, and less power during the night when it’s hardly used. The result is extremely efficient operation for dramatic energy saving, less noise and quick, powerful cooling.

60 Years of Tradition

60 Years of Tradition

60 Years of Tradition

Since 1953, eighty million Panasonic refrigerators have been sold in Japan and around the world.

Rigorous Testing

Rigorous Testing

To ensure long use, we are uncompromising in our quality control testing of the technologies involved.

12-Year Warranty

12-Year Warranty

This product is a long-term compressor guarantee service applicable product.

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